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Case analysis about financial management


       Mr. Wang, Mr. Li and Mr. Shao wanted to establish a small private company for software development and funded the capital in together. However, in the practice of implementation, there are several questions need to be solved:

       Question 1: Mr. Wang is the R&D manager of a famous company in Beijing, and is busy in most time. He is very hard to visit the new company in Shanghai frequently. But he is in charge of market development of the new company, and need be reported on the financial situation frequently. 

       Question 2: For the principle of fairness, three investors hoped to choose a third party to outsource all of the financial affairs. They had made an agreement that the third financial outsourcing firm should not comply with any of the individual investors, but to response to the new company.

       Question 3: They hope the new company can run to the aim of IPO, so the financial affairs should be managed in a high quality to avoid any potential question arising from finance at the beginning of business.

       After consideration on all aspects, the investors chose our firm to solve the problems. According to the questions above, we established a designed strategic plan, based on the understanding of new company and long-term development.

       In detail, according to the situation of question 1, we designed a remote-financial management system, and we provide plenty of services in company set up, ratifying tax categories, establishing and implementing a financial system, building and managing contract policy, analyzing the financial report, and planning the development of taxation. 

Formation in Shanghai but not operation in

       Mr. Zhang is doing exporting business, but the main trading company is not in Shanghai. As the increasing of business, he planned to register a new exporting company in Shanghai. He had been consulting to us about the financial and tax policies and company establishment procedure in Shanghai.

       According to the real situation of Mr. Zhang, we provided the following suggestions and services. Establish a company 
  Based on the specific trading areas and requirements of Mr. Zhang, we helped him establishing a new company in Shanghai pilot Free Trading Zone. Within 20 working days, Mr. Zhang had gotten the certificates of new company. Then, for the requirement of exporting right, we registered the certificate of exporting for him. As a result, the new company can be prepared for exporting business in the fastest time, saving the time needed that Mr. Zhang does the whole procedures by himself.

Financial outsourcing
       From the beginning of new company, we provide financial outsourcing services for it. Our professional accounting team can provide accounting services in high quality, and prepare the monthly and seasonal financial report to the government based on the relevant regulation and policies. It is important to build a standard, complete, and legal accounting system at the beginning, which can support the development of company in future, and avoid any unexpected losses.

       The financial outsourcing services can save the cost of company, can reduce the accounting staff required, and can reduce the risk arising from the turnover of accounting staff. It also can reduce the influence on accounting quality arising from lacking of competence as sole accountant.

Taxation planning
       We also provide effectively taxation planning services to the new company. For the purpose of reducing the liability of taxation on the new company, it can make use of the beneficial terms in taxation policies and regulations to organize the operating and financial activities legally and reasonably. And during this organizing procedure, the new company can keep a good cash flow to maximize the value of the company. In detail, the services include: providing taxation planning complied with the relevant tax regulations; reducing the overweight tax bearing effectively; choosing an optimized price to transfer the tax weight out; packing the financial accounts to make sure the taxation accurate, in time, and free risk. outsourcing

       As the reason of Mr. Zhang living in Beijing, and could not stay in Shanghai, he could not learn the information of operation in the new company or control it effectively. We have relieved his worries on the new company by providing our company-hosting service. We authorized by Mr. Zhang as the agency to manage the HR relationship, HR documentation and to separate the management of staff working and staff administration. Under developing the advantages in both the new company and our firm, it reduced the cost on HR, accounting and management, and the cost of running a company in Shanghai by owners on other places. The saving cost for clients can make the process of an employee from entry to left more efficient and effective. 

A case for setup a branch in China


       Mr. Green is a business man from U.S., who is running an international trading company importing several kinds of parts for consumer in U.S. In 2013, He planned to establish a branch in Shanghai, as the increasing business percentage in China.

       After understanding the background and current situation of Mr. Green and his company in U.S., we suggested that he could choose either a representative office or a subsidiary under the company. As the reason of extra taxation on expenses of representative office, based on the select of Mr. Green, we helped to form a new company in Shanghai as a subsidiary of company in U.S. However, Mr. Green cannot stay in Shanghai in a long term; as a result he could not learn the information of operation of the new company or control it effectively. As the authorized person, our company provided the services for designing the company internal procedures, setting up the financial policy, Inspection and approval procedure, payment procedure, internal control designed by company’s situation, door-to-door services on cashier, reimbursement, inside accounting, and directly reports to Mr. Green.

       In detail, we provided the services of HR outsourcing and relevant legal consultants, which are HR planning, staff recruitment, employment management, labor contract, payroll service, social insurances, application of foreign employee, translation service, documentation of the company, and labor dispute procession. Through these services, the client saves the relevant administrative expenses, and can learn the information of operation in time, to help control the company.

       On the same time, we also provide door-to-door accounting services, which include cashier, reimbursement, inside accounting, financial analysis, book keeping, making voucher, financial reporting, settlement of income tax, and annual inspection. 
       Our services help the clients to hold the liquidity of capital, to examine the rationality of expenditures, to establish the financial budget in both of inside or outside company, and to save operation expenses.


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